A Fresh Start

The olympics are on TV and I can’t believe millions of people watch this. I just don’t get it. The flat screen is sitting on the fireplace mantle because I can’t figure out how to mount the damn thing in the gray wood paneling above. I like to think I’m a handy man, but I’m not a dad so I’m not handy. Everyone’s dad is great at everything. That’s a fact as widely known as the sky being blue.

Jaime and I moved into a new place over last weekend and it’s amazing how much shit people have. We’ve been putting things slowly into their respective places over the last week and there’s still boxes and tupperware containers in the living room. Or the dining room. I guess it’s hard to tell what function a room serves unless there’s furniture. It’s also equally amazing how easy it is to overlook little things like shower curtains and garbage cans and silverware trays. Stuff that is essential that suddenly gouges $500 out of your pocket days into your move. Being an adult is cool.

I didn’t have phone service or internet for the first couple days we were here, and you don’t realize how full of shit people are until you have a break from the constant trash thrown around online and then come back to it full force. Sometimes I wonder if it’s really just a misunderstanding of how people present themselves, but then I remember that there’s people that exist that say “only good vibes” and “taking over the world” and they follow BillionaireMindset and DailySarcasm twitters and they all hang out in the same circle and jerk each other off. They all talk about how happy they are, but can’t stop posting about all their pointless material items that really just own them. They write whole-heartedly about social issues but are too stubborn to see both sides of their stance or that maybe their particular viewpoint isn’t the be all-end all. They all feed off each other and really don’t have the mentality to have an original idea for themselves. And then there’s the people who say one thing and completely contradict themselves in their actions. Over and over again they tell you one thing and either don’t realize or don’t care that they do and say the complete opposite.

Why can’t people just be real?

This wasn’t supposed to be a rant but I just wish people could see what I see and understand that so many of the people that get attention are the ones who deserve it least.

On a lighter note, I started and finished the book Diary of an Oxygen Thief today. And I liked the prose and voice a lot, but I just didn’t feel like it went anywhere. There was nothing that made me want to care.

Well, I gotta cut this short. My dog is sitting here staring at me and I think that means it’s time to go outside.

Until next time. Enjoy your Olympics, everyone. I’ll be browsing Reddit.

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